21 ianuarie 2009

I like Chopin

Paul Mazzolini Gazebo

Melodia I like Chopin

Video si versuri melodie I like Chopin

Pentru necunoscatori, melodia aceea frumoasa pe care o cautam pe nea google cu I like shopen (cum ar parea firesc), in realitate, tks to uncle google care ne arata ce si cum e corect (cand e cazul) se pare ca e "i like chopin".

Deci din ciclul melodia serii/muzica de spart pahare, radio info pro, acasa, pur intamplator ca nu mai stiu frecventa de la national fm.

O melodie pe care o stiu (stim) de ani buni si pe care abia acum am reusit sa aflu cine o canta si cum arata videoclipul.

Deci formatia este Gazebo, site oficial www.gazebo.info care chiar e info, magazinul de unde se poate cumpara muzica fiind indicat printr-un link separat, la www.softworks.it .

Cam italian, pt ca se pare ca nea omul muzicii Paul Mazzolini, este libanez-italian.

Dar canta dumnezeieste, atunci si se pare ca si acum.

Din biografia de pe site-ul mentionat pe care merita sa intri macar putin:

Paul Mazzolini (stage name Gazebo), is an Italian musician. He was born in Lebanon, the son of an Italian diplomat and an American singer.

According to legend, he learned to play the guitar aged 10 to impress a German girl in his class. As a rather cosmopolitan teenager Gazebo began a career in a variety of jazz, rock and punk bands before signing with Baby Records.

His footnote in charts history is his 1983 release I Like Chopin (popular opinion notwithstanding,the piano motif herein is not a Chopin composition), which topped continental European and Asian charts for weeks.

The follow-up song Lunatic and the eponymous album also entered the Top 20 across the globe. After deep hibernation throughout the 90' the spacecraft is gently approaching planet Earth ...


Gazebo whose real name is Paul Mazzolini was born in Beyrouth on February 18th 1960.
He was brought up travelling around the world with his parents, gathering from different cultures.
His father, Francesco, was an old fashion italian diplomatic and taught Paul five of the eight languages he knew.
His mother, Sonia, was a singer and gave him her inner talent for music.
Paul settled down in Italy in 1975, got his graduation three years later and went off to London where he put up various bands
and decided to make music for a living.
Back in Rome in 1981 he meets Paolo Micioni, a DJ who decides to produce him.
His first single is "Masterpiece" and the 12" version becomes rapidly a big hit in the European and Asian dance scenes.
In 1983 Paul signes with Baby Records and releases his first album called "Gazebo".
Included is a song that is going to be a smash hit wordwide selling more than ten million singles : the song is called "I like Chopin" it reaches the first position in the charts of many countries including : Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Belgium,Canada, Japan, Portugal, Hong-Kong, Korea, Singapour, Turkey and tops ten in many other countries including U.K.
Wins the "1983 Top European Chart Act" award by prestigious British magazine "Music Week"
The second album "Telephone Mama" is released in 1984 and though the style of the songs is drammatically different from the first album it is a best seller in most of the territories were it is released.
Wins "La Vela d'Oro" as best selling artist in Italy.
1985 is quite an unlucky year as Paul has to join the army ....
He puts up Lunatic S.r.l , a production company and a recording complex where he will work on all his new projects.
The same year he releases "Univision" the first album of the new era completely owned by Lunatic.
1988 "Rainbow Tales" the first album recorded at the Lunatic complex is also the first step in Paul's new musical direction, a link towards his musical origins in the progressive pop scene of the seventies co-produced by Denis Haines of "Gary Numan Band" fame.
1989 "Sweet Life" is the first album entirely written, produced and engineered by Paul himself, this album includes a special version of a song Paul had co-wrote for Ryan Paris and that became at the time a smash hit worldwide: "Dolce Vita"
1990 Birth of "Cresus Enterprises S.n.c" . The company's goals is to integrate Lunatic by developing the publishing and the distribution of the products in Italy.
The label "Lunatic Records" gets officially distributed by BMG Ariola.
1991 He produces "First" by "The Tycoons"
The same year he produces "Summit" by Dino Kappa
In 1992 Lunatic Records releases "Scenes from the news Broadcast". Which is up to now his last official album.
The same year he produces "A Choir in Heaven" by Kammerton
First production with Ardit Gjebrea, the song "Jon" wins the Tirana Song Festival in a crucial political moment for Albania.
The song becomes an anthem for the suffering Albanians bound to leave their county in search of basics for survivor.
1994 "Portrait" - a compilation album with all his hits.
1996 Produces "Projekt Jon" one of his favourite albums ever.
1997 From the merging of Lunatic S.r.l and Cresus Enterprises S.n.c birth of Softworks Snc, a new company with a big catalog and a great structure.
The same year he produces "Viewpoint" a compilation album with songs which have never been released or created as singles but have a special meaning in his "viewpoint".
1998 In co operation with Sandro Nasonte and his "Remix" distribution company he brings up a certain number of labels specialised in the dance, techno, underground and rave areas which will be seminal for the Roman dance scene. Labels like "Mystic","Oneiric" and "Sysmo" and Djs like A.Prezioso, Lory D and Undertour.
1999 Softworks' official labels are "SWR" for the pop and rock productions, "Lunatic" for dance and "The Ark" for the world music projects.
2000 SWR releases "Portrait & Viewpoint" a double CD with all the essentials.
2004 Produces Ardit Gjebrea's solo album "Jakujam"
Of course he's been involved in numerous projects and productions during the nineties and still is working as a producer, arranger, song writer and studio manager.
He is currently touring and making concerts on a regular basis around the world.
2006 Softworks makes new digital distribution agreements and will soon be online with it's catalog.
Also a ... the new single "Tears For Galileo" is finally released in prospect of a brand new album.
Stay Tuned

Uite ce zice si wikipedia despre Gazebo (nu cautati gazebo ca nu regaseste, incercati Paul Mazzolini)
February 18, 1960; stage name Gazebo), is an Italian musician. He has a legend status among the fans of the "italo-disco" music style, a variation of 1980s eurodance (also known as eurodisco).

He was born in Beirut, Lebanon, the son of an Italian diplomat and an American singer. Reportedly, he learned to play the guitar aged 10 to impress a German girl in his class.

As a rather cosmopolitan teenager Mazzolini began a career in a variety of jazz, rock and punk bands before meeting Rome based producer Paul Micioni. The first release, Masterpiece, was a minor hit in 1982.

His footnote in ch
arts history is his 1983 release "I Like Chopin", popular opinion notwithstanding, the piano motif herein is not a Chopin composition.

The follow-up song "Lunatic" and the eponymous album also entered the Top 20 across Europe.

Since then Mazzolini has released more albums, not counting the occasional hit compilation with all his best track called Portrait & Viewpoint. In autumn 2006 he released a new single called "Tears for Galileo", which achieved constant radio airplay on Italian RAI Radio2 and peaked at #1 in the Euro dance chart.

Recently Gazebo released a new single, "Virtual Love" after "Ladies!", from his upcoming new album The Syndrone.



* Gazebo (Baby Records, 1983)
* Telephone Mama (Baby Records, 1984)
* Univision (Carosello, 1986)
* The Rainbow Tales (Carosello, 1988)
* Sweet Life (Carosello, 1989)
* Scenes From The Broadcast (Lunatic, 1991)
* Portrait (Giungla-BMG Italy, 1994)
* Viewpoint (Softworks, 1997)
* Portrait & Viewpoint (Softworks, 2000)
* Tears For Galileo (CD Single Softworks, 2006)
* Ladies ! (iTunes Softworks, 2007)
* The Syndrone (Softworks, 2008)


* "Masterpiece2 (1982; #2 Italy, #35 Germany, #5 Switzerland)
* "I Like Chopin" (1983; #1 Italy, #1 Germany, #1 Switzerland, #7 Netherlands, Austria #1)
* "Lunatic" (1983; #3 Italy, #4 Germany, #6 Switzerland, Austria #13)
* "Telephone Mama" (1984; #10 Italy)

Lucru dragut insa: wikipedia are o pagina dedicata melodiei in cauza: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_like_Chopin
I like Chopin Song

Composer of the music: Pierluigi Giombini Lyrics: Paul Mazzolini Producer: Pierluigi Giombini Keyboards: Pierluigi Giombini Singer: Gazebo Genre: Pop Recording studio: Titania (Rome,Italy) Year: 1983 Label: Baby Records (Milan,Italy)

"I like Chopin" is an internacional success produced in Italy in 1983. The piano motif herein is not a Chopin composition, actually the entire song was composed by Pierluigi Giombini.


Versuri melodie I like Chopin

Remember that piano
So delightful unusual
That classic sensation
Sentimental confusion

Used to say
I like Chopin
Love me now and again

Rainy days never say goodbye
To desire when we are together
Rainy days growing in your eyes
Tell me where's my way

Imagine your face
In a sunshine reflection
A vision of blue skies
Forever distractions



Mai era ceva?
Video pe youtube:
Videoclipul dragut, cu miresoaica si mirisoi, combinatii de culori negru si alb, ceva alergatura pe acolo, de efect cu si fara aceasta melodie superba.

Video I like Chopin

19 ianuarie 2009

Film Truman show

Filmul The Truman Show

Desi nu pentru asta am pus sa sune un mobil la ora 6:30 AM si altul la 7:15.

Dar pe www.port.ro , din cate stiu, descrierea filmului sta cam max 3 zile si acum eram la limita.

Cu toate ca in perioada cu sarbatorie am cam prins la TV filme neasteptat de bune, pe asta, respectiv Filmul The Truman Show chiar nu vroiam sa-l ratez.

Pe principiul "prost sa fii, noroc sa ai", am prins din film exact ceea ce ma interesa, adica faza unde omul muncii il intreaba pe "creator" "Cine sunt eu?".

Cam asta pare ideea esentiala din film, idee regasita si in... filmul MATRIX. Teresanta asocierea.

Deci actiunea filmului The Truman Show

În fiecare secundă, în fiecare zi, de când s-a născut până la 30 de ani, Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) este un star, în cel mai popular documentar din istorie.

Casa lui este un imens platou de filmare, familia şi prietenii acestuia, toţi cei cu care intră în contact sunt actori. Toată viaţa lui se petrece în faţa unor camere ascunse de televiziune, de existenţa cărora numai el, actorul principal nu are habar!

Bun venit la "Truman Show". Întreaga lume se uită. Aflând de toate astea, viaţa aparent liniştită a lui Truman devine un coşmar, iar el este tot mai hotarât să scape, oricât de mare ar fi preţul.

regizor: Peter Weir
scenarist: Andrew Niccol
compozitor: Burkhart von Dallwitz
operator: Peter Biziou
monteur: William M. Anderson, Lee Smith

Jim Carrey (Truman Burbank)
Laura Linney (Meryl)
Ed Harris (Christof)
Noah Emmerich (Marlon)
Natascha McElhone (Lauren/Sylvia)
Holland Taylor (Angela Burbank, mama lui Truman)
Brian Delate (Kirk)
Philip Baker Hall

4 ianuarie 2009

Inimi inghetate la Brasov

Incepand cu concluzia:

Caut oferte de chirie in Brasov!

Deci 25% din povestea de poveste, localizata in timp acum 7 ani, loc Orsova-clisura Dunarii, anotimp Vara (daca brasovenii au auzit de asa ceva).

Era vara, frumos, cald, Dunare, concediu.
Raluca din Brasov venise pentru a doua oara la Orsova.
Poze nu am facut, abia peste un an urma sa primesc primul aparat digital capabil sa faca 11 poze maxim (il mai am, la colectie).

Deci atmosfera de vis, caldura... multa caldura...
La un moment dat, Raluca, vazand un smochin cu fructe coapte, de bucurie, isi suna parintii la Brasov, sa le povesteasca minunea.

Abia acum, dupa 7 ani, am inteles si de ce:
In Brasov si geamurile de termopan ingheata (problem).
Pe interior (big problem).

Deci in aceasta idee, ma intereseaza si alte oferte de chirie in Brasov: garsoniera (apartament cu o camera) sau apartament cu 2 camere.

email: sorin_frumuseanu@yahoo.com sau tel: 0723-31-06-05 sau 0741-61-31-90.


ps: O sa-mi fie greu sa inteleg notiunea de "la munte" ca orsovean. Acasa erau de toate: si munte, mare si caldura.

Te-as vota

Deci nu degeaba am scris "Ma bag in politica".

Pana la urma... cineva tre sa faca si lucruri cu adevarat utile.

Pana atunci insa: imaginea.

In poza e totusi bine:
- trepied din lemn de lemn nobil, lacuit, cu o stabilitate extraordinara;
- scrumiera de cristal, spalata saptamanal cu cele mai noi tehnologii bazate pe ultrasunete.

Dar cam mici, astfel incat cana de cafea ramane pe jos.

Alta imagine relevanta nu am avut, esenta fiind alta: bag sama ca suntem europeni... chinuiti rau de tot, noi, fumatorii.

Pe concret: Brasov, noiembrie 2008, gara Brasov, in asteptarea trenului, trenuri intarziate.

Nu stiu sa innot, dar imaginea pe care am avut-o a fost a unui om care sta (poate prea mult) sub apa si iese disperat la suprafata sa traga o gura de aer.

Cam asa aratau calatorii din trenurile CFR, oprite pentru cateva minute in statia Brasov: ingramaditi la usi, pentru a apuca sa traga macar jumate de tigara.

Si nu odata.

Next time fac si poze pentru ca... They Don't Care About Us.

Intr-o zi, un politician... poate o sa vada ca nu asta e imaginea pe care dorim sa o aratam europei.

Ma bag in politica?

Deja e dubios.

Cei din Tirgu Mures stiu ca in cursul anului trecut, la 1-2 saptamani, se tot organiza un eveniment politic, avand uneori impresia ca se mutase capitala politicienilor acolo.

De notat ca inca nu a reusit vreun partid sa ma convinga ca imi reprezinta interesele, motiv pentru care nici nu am votat.

Toate bune si frumoase, ma mutai la Brasov.

Stupoare: in noaptea de revelion 2008/2009 vrei-nu vrei... ciocneste cana de cafea amigo in Piata Sfatului cu Romania's big boss: nea Baselu.

Iar coincidenta?

Si iar Nea Andries: Ce sa fac daca-mi placi

Nota foto: Domnul Presedinte Traian Basescu pe scena din spate.

De Kasmir: Deniz Collection

Vechea goanga de la varza murata online: cand cumpar ceva, ma uit si daca au site web.

- rezistent
- usor la calcat
- nu se sifoneaza
- nu se decoloreaza
- isi pastreaza culoarea
- ofera un confort placut la purtare
- da o nota de eleganta

Asta scria pe eticheta/instructiuni de utilizare.
Website: http://denizcollection.ro

Asta fu un palton de Kasmir.

Nu am timp sa wikipedesc dupa Kasmir, dar uite ce zice Kori Na pe al ei magazin de bijuterii de kasmir:

Exotic, elegant, fin si cu mult stil , atribute perfecte ce definesc impresia lasata de kashmir.

Bijuteriile si accesoriile confera, atat tinutelor de seara cat si celor sport sau casual, aerul pretios si misterios cu iz oriental al Kashmir-ului, indiferent daca sunt purtate de Doamne sau Domni.

Pasiunea, elganta, stilul si confortul - sunt cele 4 valori care stau la baza kashmir.ro.

Pasiunea pentru bijuterii si accesorii, eleganta si stilul produselor aflate in "vitrina" si confortul achzitionarii online sunt valente pe care magazinul kashmir.ro se bazeaza in relatia cu Dumneavoastra.

Va invitam sa vizitati si sa incercati stilul kashmir.ro !

Nota foto: Palton de Kasmir de la magazinul mai sus mentionat.

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